Versus Nurture

Versus Nurture

Versus Nurture

Jonathan David Norris

Reviewed: August 22, 2012

Chris meets his soulmate, his mirror flame, and his life is never the same again. Several years later, Chris and Karen are living a beautiful life together until their universe is torn apart by none other than themselves. Versus Nurture had an astounding effect on me in several ways and left me thinking about it for days after finishing the last sentence. Two ethical questions reverberate: is the future truly bound to fate without any possibility of deviating or can lives be altered by a degree of hope changing the world forever? I do not want to say too much because each piece is intricately necessary for the plot, and I am not about to ruin it for other readers. Versus Nurture is an ethical debate written in a captivating way that makes one contemplate the age-old question of ‘what if I knew the future outcome of my choice?’ Kudos to Jonathan David Morris in tackling the ethical question in such a profound manner.


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